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Dawson State Jail's contract renewed for next seven years

Earlier this year, we wondered what would come of the Dawson State Jail's contract in light of the plans for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's plans for budget cuts. As Grits for Breakfast noted earlier in March, 

Dawson State Jail's contract with Corrections Corporation of America is up for renewal next January [2011]. This ill-placed facility is located in downtown Dallas on the banks of the Trinity River in prime real estate the city hopes to redevelop. So the fact that Dawson's contract ends on January 15, 2011 is a significant date for the city of Dallas: If the state renews the contract, the proposed riverfront redevelopment could be put on hold indefinitely. It's possible, then, we may see members of the Dallas delegation and related development interests pushing for non-renewal, though certainly CCA will have its own lobbyists on the other side.

Unfortunately, it appears Scott's prediction will not come to fruition. Despite Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's dedication to budget cuts, and the Dallas citizens' outcry to move the prison off the valued real estate, TDCJ renewed their contract for the Dawson State Jail, operated by Corrections Corporation of America.

the Dawson State  Jail ain't going anywhere: The Texas [Department] of Criminal Justice awarded CCA a new contract for operations of the Dawson State Jail at its meeting last month, TDCJ Director of Public Information Michelle Lyons tells Unfair Park. (Minutes from that meeting are supposed to be available; they are not.) She says the contract will run for the next seven years. (Robert Wilonsky, "The City Would Love to Get Its Hands On the Dawson State Jail. It'll Have to Keep Waiting," Dallas Observer, 16 November 2010.)

The facility is contracted out by the state for a price of $23,177,553 per year, which over seven years comes to a grand total of $162,242,871. The city/state might be surprised at what could get accomplished over seven years if they spent $162 million on environmental restoration. Nevertheless, unless something changes between now and January 15, 2011, Texas will keep the Dawson State Jail around for longer.

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