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Details emerge in McCullough suit

Texas Prison Bid'ness has obtained the filing documents in the case of Daniel McCullough who last month filed suit against the GEO Group for $595 million (the total worth of company) following the 2008 death of his father Randall McCullough, who allegedly committed suicide while in GEO's custody at the Bill Clayton Detention Center

The complaint names as defendents the GEO Group as a company, BCDC wardens Arthur Anderson and Randy Tate, and top corporate executives including CEO George Zoley and COO Wayne Calbrese.  The complaint, which is attached to this post as a PDF, alleges that:

On August 18, 2008, Randall McCullough was found dead while supposedly being monitored by GEO and its personnel. His death was caused by specific breaches of duty by Defendants GEO, Anderson and Tate, and as a result of the corporate direction given by Zoley, Calabrese, O'Rourke, and Bulfm which include grossly inhumane treatment, abuse, neglect, illegal and malicious conditions of confmement, and subsequent cover up of wrongdoing.

The plaintiff's attorney in the case is Ron Rodriguez who won a $42 million verdict against the GEO Group on behalf of the family of Gregario de la Rosa, a prisoner who was murdered while GEO (then called Wackenhut) "wardens smirked and laughed."  In that case, the court found that GEO's "conduct in maliciously causing Gregorio’s death and thereafter spoliating critical evidence so offends this Court’s sense of justice that a high ratio is warranted."  Rodriguez was nominated for a Public Justice Trial Lawyer of the Year award for his work on the de la Rosa case.

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