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Contraband investigation at CEC's Liberty County jail

Liberty County has opened an ongoing investigation into contraband found in it's privately operated jail, according to a story in the Liberty Vindicator (Contraband found in Liberty Co Jail, May 7):

Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Steve Greene recently reported ongoing investigations regarding contraband found in the Liberty County Jail. 

The jail is managed by a contractor, Civigenics, a subsidiary of Community Education Centers, Inc.

Greene said “basically, we have been getting information that there was a lot of contraband in the jail, and some of it was being brought in by corrections officers. Thursday, (April 29) we searched the evening shift as they were coming in and we had a drug dog pass by their cars. For those cars that the dog alerted on, we asked for consent to search. We searched the vehicles. We have ongoing investigations regarding a couple of guards. Two or three were terminated.” 

Back on approximately April 8, one guard was arrested by US Marshals for taking contraband into the jail. He is being held at a detention facility in Beaumont, on charges equivalent to “prohibitive substances in a correctional facility."