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Suicide attempt at GEO's Joe Corley prison

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A prisoner at the Joe Corley Detention Center, operated by the GEO Group, is in the hospital after an attempted suicide attempt, according to news reports ("Inmate in hospital after apparent suicide attempt," Houston Chronicle, April 7),

Authorities are investigating what appears to be a suicide attempt by an inmate found Tuesday hanging by his neck at a jail where federal prisoners are held in Montgomery County.

The 47-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was discovered by a guard about 4:20 p.m. in an inmate dormitory at the Joe Corley Detention Facility in the 500 block of Hillbig Road near Conroe, said Lt. Bill Bucks of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating the case. He was rushed to Conroe Regional Hospital, where he is currently in critical condition, Bucks said.

Bucks said foul play is not suspected, and it appears the man hung himself. He is a prisoner of the U.S. Marshal's Service, but officials declined to discuss why he was in jail.

We'll keep you posted on any developments in the case.


The inmate Carlos Cabrera died after being removed from life support. The officers station was locataed approx. 15 feet from the spot where the inmate hung himself.

 HE may have been 15 feet form the officers station; however officer stations are a home base from officers to write in log books and do paper work. OOfficers are expected to walk around and check on the inmates at least every half hour nomatter what prison or jail this is an ACA national standard. being 15 ft. from the officer station has no bearing on the matter. If you knew how prisons arte mandated to operate you wouldnt think so either.

los guardias de este grupo geo  son una basura completamente disen que los ilegales no pueden trabajar en ese pais y los tienen trabajando por un dollar toda la noche  ojala  bin laden selos  lleve ala chingada



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HONDURAS president of the detainee will investigate the case 88809555 as it violated human rights to be induced by drugs to be investigated so this method is prohibited by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wings lleba'll take care of international courts that medical tests performed were made in our country and will show the psychological damage that the detainee has