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Prisoner Uprising, Retaliation at CCA's Eden Detention Center

The San Angelo Standard-Times ("Eden Detention Center locked down after riot," April 12) is reporting that CCA's Eden Detention Center is on lock-down following a prisoner uprising over the weekend:

The Eden Detention Center was in lockdown status late Monday after a riot was contained Sunday night, a release from the detention center stated. Inmates in Dormitory B at the detention center refused to go to their bunks Sunday night, according to the release.

“Facility staff used approved chemical agents to enforce lawful orders and successfully resolved the situation, with only minor injuries reported,” said Lee McDaniel, the public information officer for the detention center. The nature of the chemical agents was not specified, and the company did not say what caused the unrest.

The facility is locked down — inmates are confined to their cells — while staff investigate what caused the riot, the release states...

Ricky Thomas, the assistant police chief of Eden, said the city police were called out to control the area outside the center. “We were out in the front, but they handled everything themselves,” Thomas said. “We don’t go inside the prison when anything like that happens.” Riots at the detention center happen “very seldom,” he said.

As far as I can find, no press release or statement has been given by the Bureau of Prisons, the government agency that contracts with CCA for the Eden facility.  Eden is a BOP facility where immigrant prisoners are segregated because of their immigration status under the agency's Criminal Alien Requirement (CAR) contracting system. 

Another CAR-contract facility, GEO's Reeves County Detention Center, has been the site of nine deaths in the past four years, two major prisoner uprisings, state and national media scrutiny, and protest by the ACLU of Texas and Grassroots Leadership, my organization, amongst others.  We'll have to wait to see if conditions at Eden get as bad as they reportedly have at Reeves.  If readers know more about the situation, please feel free to contact me through the contact section of the website. 


Prisoners do not riot for no reason!  I would seriously investigate the administration, including the guard's policies and procedures regarding the treatment of prisoners there.  Whatever happened to the water situation? are you all still giving inmates contaminated water???  Another thing, if your facility is a low risk facility, why would you have to use a chemical agent to subdue them??? I think you're facility is due a visit from the UN Commission on Human Rights...

There is no reason for prisoners to cause a disturbance especially at a low custody BOP facility.  3 hots and a cot.  Some of our dedicated service men and women dont even get treated as good as some of the inmates in this facility.  Chemical agents were used but the proper measurments were taken before any thing was deployed.  Not a single inmate was taken any where for serious injuries.  As for the water it taste good to me.

Yea i thing there something wrog im there