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Grayson County to send inmates to Fannin County's CEC jail

After the Grayson County commissioners decided earlier this month to not construct a private jail in Sherman, they are staying true to this commitment. However, in Monday's commissioner meeting it was decided that some of their inmates might be housed in a private facility after all -- just not in Grayson County. The commissioners signed a deal with their neighbor to the East, Fannin County, to house some of their overflow inmates in order to give the commissioners more time to make a decision on how best to solve their jail problems in Sherman. The inmates would be sent to CEC's 432-bed Fannin County Detention Center in Bonham, TX.  

"We have always maintained a good working relationship with Fannin county and this has been in the works for a few months" said Judge Drue Bynum.

Bynum says [Monday's] agreement allows the county to house prisoners closer to home, instead of in McClellan or Limestone county jails and that it could also save Grayson County money.

"The contract was signed for 48 dollars a day, that includes transportation so depending on who you talk to around here that is cheaper than we can do it,” said Bynum.

Fannin County Sheriff Kenneth Moore says his jail has the space, but doesn't need the extra income to operate.

"It was in the back of our minds, but we didn't build this facility to depend on another county," said Moore.

The Jail in Fannin County is operated by a private company, Community education centers, or CEC. Sheriff Moore says he is glad to offer any help he can to Grayson County.

"They have helped us on many occasions, they have never failed to offer assistance in any situation," said Sheriff Moore.

While the future of the Grayson County jail is still not set in stone, housing some prisoners in Fannin County will give Grayson County more options and that means more breathing room to make a final decision ("Grayson and Fannin Counties enter jail agreement," KXII, 29 March 2010).

While Judge Bynum says the contract is for "48 dollars a day," I am assuming he means "48 dollars per day, per inmate." Any further details of the plan have not been released, such as the duration of these inmates stay in Fannin County. Judge Bynum did mention, however, that Grayson County sends 5 to 10 inmates to other counties already. Check back here regularly as this development pans out. In the meantime, below are some links to the background of the Grayson County debate and CEC