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In memory of Dee Hubbard

Texas Prison Bid'ness was saddened to hear of the passing of Dee Hubbard late last month. Dee was truly one of the stalwarts and unsung heroes in the movement against prison privatization.  Dee served as president of the Private Corrections Institute, and worked tirelessly in her home state of Alaska and around the country to expose the corruption so often involved in private prison deals. 

Her work was largely below-the-radar, but several news stories have captured how important her work often was.  Here's how the Alaska Daily News ("Low-key anti-corruption campaigner is dead at 62. DEE HUBBARD: Activist assisted FBI investigating private prisons syndicate," September 1) described Dee,

While Hubbard is hardly a household name, she was well known to the legislators, FBI agents and reporters who were trying to unravel the complicated syndicate that moved from one Alaska community to another, seeking a willing locale and beneficial financing to build a private prison. ...

"Dee Hubbard played a very low-key role in educating the federal folks into what was going on behind the scenes in the state of Alaska, good and bad," said State Sen. Johnny Ellis, D-Anchorage. "She played a part in helping to clean up the state."

Dee was always full of information, tenacity, and energy.  We'll miss you, Dee Hubbard.