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Death at CCA's Willacy Unit

We're a few weeks behind on this story, but from the Valley Morning News ("Attorney: Inmate denied asthma pump," July 2), a story about an inmate death at CCA's Willacy County TDCJ Unit. 

An attorney claimed in a statement Wednesday that an inmate who died here in June was denied the use of his asthma pump.

Thomas Detric Adderson, 32, an inmate at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Willacy Unit in Raymondville, died on June 10 because "his asthma pump was not provided to him," according to a statement released by attorney Juan Angel Guerra, who is representing Adderson's family.

But TDCJ officials and an incident summary released Thursday state that Adderson was given an Albuterol inhalation treatment by nurses using a special breathing machine and was also allowed to use his personal oral inhaler before he went into shock and died about two hours later.

Although the jail is a state prison in the TDCJ system, it is operated by Corrections Corporation of America, a private prison company.  The TDCJ summary stated that Adderson's preliminary cause of death was "severe asthma attack."

While Mr. Guerra states in the story that he hasn't seen an autopsy, we'll do our best to obtain one and publish it here. 


My son is there, hopefully not for long , and I pray that they take care of him, while there, if something was to happen to my son I would surly die, Please God Help My Son., Love MaMa