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Sen. Hinojosa Introduces Bills that Impact Texas Private Prisons and Jails

Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa introduced two measures this week that address private prisons and jails in the state of Texas.  The state senator has been a strong proponent of strengthening oversight of privately run correctional facilities and questioning why private prisons are needed at all.

Senator Hinojosa filed the following measures earlier this week:
  • SB 1680:  This legislative proposal requires voters to approve bonds used in the financing of constructed correctional facilities; and
  • SB 1690: The bill extends oversight authority to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards to monitor county jails that only house federal prisoners.  This contract relationship is usually undertaken between counties and private prison companies.  Bob recommended a similar solution to the Senate Criminal Justice committee last year.  
We will keep y'all posted about these bills and others that impact private prisons and jails through the end of the 81st Legislature.