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Opponents of Proposed MTC Nacogdoches Prison File Open Records Request

Citizens Opposed to the Prison Siting, the opposition group to a proposed MTC federal prison in Nacogdoches, has filed an open records request to obtain documents relating to county negotiations with prison developers, according to an article, ("Citizens against prison file open records request," December 12).

The grass roots group COPS, is taking their opposition to a proposed federal prison to another level. The East Texas News learned from Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English that the organization has filed an open records request with Nacogdoches County for any and all correspondence concerning the proposed prison, including e-mails. Requests were also sent to the City of Nacogdoches and the economic development group, NEDCO.

Mayor Roger Van Horn said he's not offended by the request and will turn over whatever there is. Judge English said he has nothing to hide and runs a transparent office. COPS chairperson,

Dr Paul Risk told the East Texas News the group has "no preconceived notion to their request other than they want to know what communication has gone on". The group has contended all along the public was "kept in the dark" during the officials' communications with prison developers. COPS believe those discussions began months before the issue was made public. Risk said, "We just don't know what MTC (Management and Training Corporation) has told them, if anything at all. We just want as much information as we can get."

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