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LCS Moves to Ease Community Concerns Over Nueces County Prison

LCS Corrections' controversial rural Nueces County detention center in Robstown continues to draw opposition, this time from community members concerned that the facility lies to close to a Colonia. According to a report from KIII TV ("Colonia Leaders Concerned About Prison Warning System," August 27) last week,

Colonia leaders are worried about a warning system for a new private prison in the Robstown area. Specifically, the lack of a warning system. Today, some of those nearby residents said they want to make sure a siren is in place to alert the surrounding neighborhood, if an inmate escapes.

Colonia leaders will hold a meeting for area residents to talk about this issue. They tell us they won't take no for an answer for a siren system.

The LCS private prison in robstown will open up in mid-October, but colonia leaders said there are six communities around here with about 5,000 residents. So far, there has been no talk of a warning system for a prison escape.

The company quickly moved to ease concerns by adding a third alert system (KRIS TV, "Special Meeting About New Prison Eases Residents' Concerns," August 28th) to its alarm system in the case of an escape.

The much bigger threat to the area may be the economic impact of the prison. As we've reported, prisons do not create long-term economic growth, and, in fact, can actually harm economic development in small communities by scaring away more attractive industries.

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