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CCA Spends $240K on Federal Lobbying Last Quarter

We reported last week that Corrections Corporation of America was still betting on the trend of increasing immigration detention after the change in presidential administration next year. It appears that CCA isn't waiting to see if the trend continues. According to the Associated Press ("Corrections Corp. spent $240K lobbying in 2Q," August 15), CCA spent $240,000 on federal lobbying in the second quarter of 2008.

That doesn't quite keep up with the breakneck lobbying pace CCA exhibited in 2007, when the company spent $2.5 million on lobbying Congress and federal agencies such Immigration Customs and Enforcement, the Justice Department, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. which operates a terrific lobbying database, puts CCA's total 2008 lobbying number a bit higher at $480,000, while GEO Group has spent $120,000 thus far in 2008 and Houston-based Cornell has spent $60,000 in federal lobbying.

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