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Balanced Perspective on Nacogdoches Private Prison Proposal

Recently, the Daily Sentintenal published an article detailing the politics surrounding the latest Nacogdoches private prison proposal, entitled "Dollars and Sentences: Prisons more than just an issue of economics".

The article's author, Andrew Goodridge, critically analyzes the public policies surrounding prison privatization. The piece also quotes our own Bob Libal who states:

.. Libal described "terrible conditions" in some MTC prisons, including maggots in prisoners' food in the Raymondville, Texas, facility. That prison, which housed illegal immigrants, dubbed a "tent-city" by the media because the facility was not a building, but a series of Kevlar tents that held 200 detainees each, according to an article in The Texas Observer.

Our pal, Scott at Grits for Breakfast also offers an analysis of the article. I encourage you to read the article in its entirety as it provides a great overview of the issue with nuances and all.


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That's true, and should not be overlooked in any future "farming out" of prison responsibilities. The health and safety of inmates are a considerable cost -- a cost and responsibility of which governments can't wash their hands simply by letting private contracts. Eviction Letter