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Texas Increases Private Prison Population

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released its latest numbers in June regarding the national rate of incarceration and provided state level data as well. According to the BJS the total number of prisoners in custody during 2007 numbered 2.3 million.

As usual, Texas ranks high among the number of prisoners incarceated in state custody. Prisoners in Texas comprised nearly 173,000 of the total number of people in federal and state custody. Additionally, 18,720 of Texas prisoners were detained in private facilities (see chart below); a total 0f 10.8% of prisoners in the state. During 2006, Texas imprisoned about 18,220 prisoners in private facilities for percen-change of plus 2.74% in a single year.

Last year, lawmakers passed reforms meant to reduce the state's reliance on incarceration. Those policies have been lauded by the recent Pew Report and other states as a model. Time will tell if Texas is able to minimize it's overal prison population, and the number of people in private lockups as well.

Largest 20 State Private Prison Populations 2007

State Number of Private Prisoners
% of all State Prisoners

New Mexico

2,835 43.4%
Montana 1,273 36.7%
Hawaii 2,044 33.8%
Wyoming 677 32%
Alaska 1,503 28.3%
Idaho 1,932 26.1%
Vermont 559 25.8%
Oklahoma 5,950 23.2%
Colorado 5,021 22.2%
Mississippi 4,779 22%
Tennessee 5,180 19.6%
Arizona 6,275 16.9%
Minnesota 1,144 11.6%
Kentucky 2,424 11.2%
Texas 18,720 10.8%
New Jersey
4,892 9.2%
Louisiana 3,114 8.4%
Florida 6,420
Washington 1,036
Indiana 1,142

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics


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