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Potter County Sheriff Bribed by Jail Commissary Manager

Our pal Scott Henson at Grits for Breakfast recently posted on another jail commissary scandal - this time in Potter County. According to Grits,

An all-woman jury yesterday in Amarillo brought back a guilty verdict against Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate for taking bribes from the Dallas-based commissary manager, Mid-America Services. The "bribes" the state was able to prove were mostly meals, though quite a few of them...

Texas Prison Bid'ness and Grits have covered several private commissary contracts in the past year. According to Scott:

Commissary contracts have been a big source of alleged corruption in Texas Sheriff's Departments in the past year. In Bexar and Kleberg Counties, a Louisiana based company called "Premier" allegedly bribed the Bexar County Sheriff with swank golfing trips and gave the Kleberg Sheriff private consulting contracts after he left office.

It seems that the amount of scandal at the local level is signicant when it comes to private jail contracts. With limited accountability and oversight at the county level, who knows what scandals remain to be covered at the state's many county jails.

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