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New Family Detention Center in Raymondville?

KGBT is reporting ("Detention Center Plans for Raymondville," June 26) that one of the three new family detention centers proposed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, similar to the notorious T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, might be located in Raymondville, Texas. According to the story,

A new facility to house illegal immigrants and their children could be coming to Raymondivlle if city leaders have their way.

Federal officials recently put out a bid to construct three new detention facilities modeled after one in Hutto, Texas.

Raymondville leaders are putting in a bid to land one of them right here in the Valley.

If approved the facility would be built on city-owned land next to a jail complex that already houses 46-hundred local, state and federal inmates.

Raymondville is already home to 4,600 detention beds, including the windowless kevlar detention center known as "tent city."  ICE may believe it can easily contract for another detention center in a community that already has so much detention center infrastructure.  However, as we've reported, there is growing opposition to family detention here in Texas and from national organizations that might complicate that effort.  We'll keep you updated on news about family detention centers.