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Private Prison Company Adds to Concerns on Water Quality

A prison under construction by private prison corporation LCS Correction Services in Nueces County, is driving concerns about pollution in Petronila Creek. According to residents, the creek, is an environmental hazard because of how people treat the creek water in the Lost Creek Colonia.

People dump animal carcasses and trash in the creed, which residents worry is teeming with bacteria and other pollutants.

In an article written by Denise Malan in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, entitled "Colonia residents concerned about creek," a Colonia resident Israel Carrasco states of the creek:

"It's poison to me," Carrasco said. "I'm afraid all this poison water is going into the ground and it's getting in my water well."

Residents and advocates believe the new prison will add to the problems of Petronila Creek.  LCS applied to the Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality (TCEQ) for a permit that would allow up to 150,000 gallons per day of treated wastewater to be discharged into a ditch that leads to the creek. TCEQ has preliminarily approved the permit request.

The LCS prison scheduled to open some time in May and would house federal prisoners.

This is another example of how private prison expansion contributes to community problems beyond incaceration. As developments around the new LCS Prison continue we will keep y'all posted.