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Raymondville MTC Guard Accused of Stealing from Detainees

Weslaco's News Channel 5 ("Detention Center Investigating Allegations Against Guard," April 9) is reporting that a guard at MTC's Ramondville detention center, also known as Tent City because it is constructed out of windowless kevlar pods, is accused of stealing property from an immigrant detainee. According to the story,

NEWSCHANNEL 5 learned a guard is accused of stealing property and money from a detainee. We spoke to J.C. Conner, the company's regional vice president on the phone. He confirms the investigation. He adds, "By policy, we carefully maintain every detainee's property. If any of it is missing, it is promptly replaced in its entirety."

... This is the second time within a year employees at the facility are being investigated. Last year, four guards were arrested after they allegedly used a company van to cross illegals past the Sarita checkpoint.

We'll keep you posted on developments from Raymondville. Check out our previous coverage of MTC's Raymondville detention center:

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