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New Film "The Visitor" Tackles Immigrant Detention Issue

I was able to see the new film The Visitor at a pre-screening in Austin a few weeks ago, and highly recommend it. It follows a college professor who befriends an immigrant couple only to find his friend detained at private prison, which seems modeled after the GEO Group's Queens, NY detention center, after being caught up in a minor incident with the police. It's a pretty realistic look at the detention system. Take a look at the trailer:


The film is screening in selected theatres across the country, including several Texas locations. Check in out. See this site for locations and showtimes.

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JJ Just wonder if anyone ever chks on the black mold in the shower of these barricks in Mineral Well? Also the cleanliness of the kitchen. Does the health department have chance to go in and check this kind of thing out ? thank you JJ Betts