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Val Verde Detention Center Protest Video

Below is a video of a protest I participated in at GEO Group's Val Verde Detention Center last October. The protest was organized by the Texas Jail Project, Grassroots Leadership, and the Border Ambassadors after a series of scandals including a sexual assault and suicide of LeTisha Tapia, a racial discrimination lawsuit, a civil rights violation, and three mysterious deaths.


The video was produced by Matthew Gossage for Grassroots Leadership.

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I am a former employee of several wackenhut/geo facilities. You would be amazed to know all of the things that go on in these places.

INTRESTED??? contact my email.


I would love to speak with you about your experiences in GEO facilities.  You can contact me at blibal (at) grassrootsleadership (dot) org. 

Since you are a former employee for GEO we would like to know what goes on in that place we have heard a lots of things from that place its should be under investagation already if not we are going to have protest again not unless we sent a undercover there for investagation... sorry for the inconvience

My husband is Ruben Marquez and he is in Val Verde Correctional Facilitly in Del Rio,TX.  We feel that his right as a prisoner of the federal have been violated and not just his other prisoner in there to.  I Diana feel I have to fight for my husband rights. I know somebody will hear us.

I understand how you feel, sadly my boyfriend is not being treated fairly as well.

I was an inmate for a few days at the geo in Del Rio and yes they do abuse the rights of illegal aliens I was put in a cell with an illegal alien who said he had not been out of his cell for about two weeks and that the guards did not respond to him cause of his language. While my visit once they put me in my housing the guards would turn down my request to go to the library. I was not explained when we would get our closed washed, they would give you two pairs of close for a week. An inmate that sat in front of me broke a tooth due to a stone that was in the potato's. The instant lunch the ones in small bag were about  70cents when at the store they  are 25cents or less.

Thank you everyone who is trying to change this system . god bless you.

My boyfriend is an illegal alien and was caught trying to cross back to the USA August of 2009.  He has been incarcerated since then and is yet to have his day in court.  They keep giving him dates and then when it gets close it changes.  Now supposedly his next court date is not til December of 2010, I find this to be ridiculous and unfair.  I know as a United States citizen we have the right to due process, just because he is illegal doesn't mean he can be treated differently while in a United States prison, or does it?

My husband was caught last week trying to get back in also.  He is also being held at this facility.  He has not been able to call me once.  I am frantic. The people there will tell me nothing other then he is there.  I do not understand why he is not allowed a phone call.  I have no idea how much time the judge gave him.  I am a mess please email me, I would really appreciate someone to talk to, that knows what I am going through.

Well i am a CURRENT employee of The GEO Group Inc., and after reading all these posts, I can say that most of them are full of crap.


1) Lady about the phone calls: There are phones in ALL the living quarters, the detainees have access to the phones ANY TIME they want. There is no reason why he is not calling you... unless he doesn't want to?

2) Complaining about the court date: That has NOTHING to do with The GEO Group Inc., that is all on part of the court system. We are just here to house offenders, we have no influence on when someone does or does not go to court.

3) Former inmate complaing - You stated another offender had not been out for two weeks? Well I can tell you that is a lie. Even if on lockdown, detainees are allowed 1 hour a day for shower and/or recreation.

All of you people are ridiculous, talking about rights for offenders. If it was up to me, they would have NO rights. They made the choice to break the law, they should lose all their rights! They're criminals that act like scum and animals, yet think they have the right to complain about FREE food and FREE medical and FREE dental and FREE housing and FREE clothes!

Next to that, they're not in jail for telling the truth, so why would you believe what an inmate says when he gets locked up? They're big babies that will do whatever it takes to get attention.

You should be FIRED! for calling inmates SCUM and animals,  because they are a human being like you are.  I hope you never have to bite your tongue,  You never know when one of your loved ones ends up in there.  Just because you have a job that maybe pays $12.00 hr.  whhoohooo,   You are there for security and supervise inmates.  not push them around nor judge them.  so go back to reading your SOP and code of conduct to remind you your job. 

I was at Geo in Val verde for four months.  I may have been incarcerated but that does not make me scum, nor did I act like an animal.  Eleven years ago I was responsible for some property damage during my divorce, not my finer moment but $12,000 in property damage does not make me scum.  I have a masters degree and am successful and happy now despite serving 15 months of a 5 year sentence (TDCJ) and yes, it was a harsh sentence considering I have NO other criminal history.  I am no better than the other people I was locked up with, and you, as an emplyee are NO better than anyone locked up there at this very moment.  Try thinking of them as people. 

I have to say that for the most part, the officers were decent.  many of them were very kind, a few of them not.  The captains every one of them needs a come to Jesus moment..... The bad officers were the exception, not the norm.  Bad food, that was a norm.  Cold shower water, often.  Poor medical care, yes.  I had a broken foot which was finally x-rayed after 8 days of complaining. 

True, GEo has nothing to do with court scheduling.  That is the court, GEO just houses inmates and feeds them cheap food so it can make a profit from the $100 a day that it gets paid to house federal detainees and $50 a day for state offenders.  Granted, it is far better than some third world countries but dont make it out be a country club because a country club it is far from!

The phones are in each dorm as far as I could tell. The only time an inmate might not be able to use the phone is if in SEG.  If on lockdown, you do NOT get a shower each day, they are only required to give you shower access like 3 or 4 times per week.  Not inhumane, but not every day.  Free housing?  You live there.  Bright flourescent lights on overhead 24 hours a day, being woken up at all hours of the night by people who treat you like you are not human and dont have the right to basic things such as decent food and sleep.  Last time I checked, human beings still deserve to be treated like human beings, and still deserve to be treated with respect and it shouldnt matter if he or she made a mistake.  Everyone deserves a second chance and unless I am mistaken, the Constitution still affords certain rights to human beings.  Who are YOU to deny someone those rights?  Lets hope you dont ever make a mistake.

Are there some inmates that act like babies?  yes.  Are there some officers that behave worse than inmates? yes.  But how dare you say people deserve no rights or deserve to be treated like animals.  Thank God you don't get to make the laws.


Free clothes?  You wear them.  The underwear was recycled and the clothing/ropa is designed to be unpleasant.  Free dental?  Not unless the detist pulls your tooth.  There is NO other free dental care.

For you I quess you are the cry baby Why put your name anonymous. I guess you are afraid thats why all of ya'll cover your name with pictures. Well we never forget faces and also they are lots of innocene people in there. I believe in KARMA so be careful  what you say. 

And why, exactly, is that? Because i tell the truth? Answer me this, from my last post, is any of that incorrect? And if so, how would you know? Have you ever worked or been locked up here? Like i said, I've worked here going on three years, i know what does and does not go on here, there is nothing to hide or 'cover up'

And no, I am not afraid, there's nothing to be afraid of. Don't try and make it personal about you and me, the fact is people are complaing about stuff that is not true.

And oh yes, it makes so much sense that everyone locked up is innocent! Really, are you that stupid to believe something like that? That people don't do anything wrong in their life, yet they still go to jail? REALLY? Idiot...

You said something about a picture and my name? WTF are you talking about?

You can believe in whatever you want, that's your right, and I exercise my right to freedom of speech, so i will say, or type rather, whatever the hell I want, and there isn't a damn thing you or anyone can do about it.

amen brother.  i to worked there for a brief period of time.  in fact i was one of the ones that opened the prison.  i know the command staff would never allow mistreatment of inmates. i know at least 3 of them personally and they are upstanding people.

guilty conscience?  Why have a attitude and get upset over what people dont know what goes on in the jail or rather your employment,  or maybe buttons are being pushed? 

After reading all comments thats sad why people have to suffer like that in texas i just dont understand that. this message goes out to the the GEO Group Employees you guys put your self in this situation what about if these inmates were relatives? to yall and they were getting mistreated? Thats why we taxes payors paid taxes here. And so if they are illegal alliens we are all human people dont matter what color you are. I will report this so that they can do an investagation on the The GEO Group.

i have a question i had a family member in there and he had court today and i called and they said that he was released.. do they send them some where else or dothey release them in the border??? i need a answer please can some one help me??


So happy to see people care enough to stand up to these scum bags! The son of letisha tapia has been living without his mom and I don't believe it was a suicide she was too strong to go out that way. Love and miss her so much </3 god bless everyone who is standing up to this worthless place!! 

Does someone have the phone number to.the Val verde Geo internal affairs? If you do may I please have it I have been trying to get it from the facility and they.just deny it to me