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Odessa CiviGenics Inmate Took His Own Life

21-year old Luis Chavez-Chavez was pronounced dead earlier this month after his body was discovered hanging in the CiviGenics-managed Ector County Correctional Center. CBS 7 is reporting that a preliminary autopsy indicates the prisoner committed suicide.

Current news reports do not mention conditions or staff-levels at the the Civigenics facility during Chavez-Chavez's death, but I was able to locate six immediate full-time job openings for the facility posted online at the beginning of the month. CiviGenics seems to have been searching for three guards and three medical professionals to staff the 223-bed jail very recently.

One reader believes CiviGenics' management of the facility was shoddy:

"While it is difficult to keep inmates from commiting suicide, when jails and prisons are run professionally, these tragic incidents can be kept to a minimum. This reduction requires proactive measures that include screening, observation, suicide watches, special cells that reduce the possiblity of self-harm, etc."

Mr. Chavez-Chavez was being detained for the charge of illegal entry by the U.S. Marshal Service, which has a contract with the Civigenics-managed Ector County Correctional Center.

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does anyone see a reacurring problem with civigenics???? it seems wherever they go things start happening to prisoners. this is a scary thought. big money is not always a good thing, they are taking over parker county jail in texas. letting the public think it is going to be more cost effieciant when really its not and our prisoners are in danger. i think an investigation would be in order of this corporation