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Williamson County Republican Candidate Opposes Hutto

Voters in the Williamson County's Republican primary will have a choice when it comes to the controversial issue of detaining immigrant children and their families at Corrections Corporations of America's T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas.

According to last week's story by reporter Melissa Mixon from the Austin American-Statesman, Republican challenger for Precinct 1 Commissioner, Steve Laukhuf, an advertising executive and current chairman of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce, opposes the county's involvement in operating Hutto. Laukuf is challenging Commissioner Lisa Birkman, who back in October voted along with the rest of the commission to continue the county's contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Williamson County acts as a go-between for ICE and Corrections Corporation of America, the private prison corporation that operates T. Don Hutto. In October, county commissioners briefly debated ending their role in the prison deal after a sexual assault at the facility and the hiring of undocumented workers raised concerns about liability. The Commissioners eventually unanimously decided to continue the contract after CCA bussed in dozens of Hutto employees and flew in executives to advocate for the facility.

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