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Thursday Morning Meeting of Prison Industries Oversight Committee

An enlightening note from a reader:

On Feb 7, 2008 at 10:00 AM there will be an important hearing regarding the misuse of Texas prison labor for private industry. The State Legislative Committee on PRIVATE SECTOR PRISON INDUSTRIES OVERSIGHT AUTHORITY will meet at:

Building 7W Room 111
8610 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, TX, 78757.

The hearing will focus on prisoner labor being a factor in the shutdown of the Lufkin Industries Truck Trailer Plant. Lufkin Industries is claiming that Direct Trailer & Equipment Company used prison labor from the TDCJ Micheal Unit to assemble truck trailers from china, which lead to an unfair trade practices, since Lufkin Industries was unable to under cut the use of prison labor. Now 150 jobs are being cuts as a result.
Direct Trailer & Equipment Company's president is John Nelson. John Nelson was Director of TDCJ's Industries (TCI) in the 90's.

I have noticed a pattern of TDCJ contractors hiring or being former TDCJ administrators. A prime example of this is Geo Corp hiring Garry Johnson after he expanded contracts with the Geo Corp.

This hearing will be a prime place to voice the need for laws to prohibit former TDCJ employees from being employed by private TDCJ contractors after leaving employment.

For more information on this scandal please check out the Lufkin Daily News.
We reported on GEO's hiring of former TDCJ head Gary Johnson back in December. We'll keep you updated on the scandal out of Lufkin and results from the hearings in coming days.
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