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Taylor ISD Not Responsible for Special Education at Hutto

The Taylor Daily Press's Leah Fillion has a story this week about a Texas Education Association's ruling that the Taylor Independent School District is not obligated to provide special education to students at the T. Don Hutto family detention center. According to the article:

T. Don Hutto, which houses immigrants and their families awaiting asylum or deportation, is a federal facility. However, the education department is classified as a private school, Suzanne Marchman, spokeswoman for the Texas Education Agency (TEA), said. School districts are not obligated to provide special education services to private schools within their jurisdiction, Marchman said.

Because the detention center is a government facility, however, the TEA was unclear who had responsibility, she said.

That last sentence causes me some worry. If the school district is not providing special ed services (and I don't think they should be required to without federal reimbursement), will the federal government mandate that they are provided? And, who will provide the services - CCA or a local educational authority?

Of course, all of these questions are indicative of the experimental nature of incarcerating children at a detention center that is unlicensed for the care of youths. We'll keep following this story as it develops.

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