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Private Jail Guards Charged with Delivering Drugs

The Chronicle reported that two private jail guards were charged with delivering marijuana and Ectasy to a federal prisoner detained in the Liberty County Jaill; CivicGenics manages the facility.

Shondalyn S. Jones, 25, of Dayton, and Manitra L. Taylor, 42, of Cleveland, both employed by the corporation that runs the county jail, were taken into custody about 11:45 a.m. after they accepted the illegal drugs and $1,000 from an undercover agent in a parking lot at the intersection of Main and U.S. 90 in Liberty, investigators said.

The guards were fired following these allegations. However, the fact that two private jail employees were hired indicates bad management of the facility and highlights why private prison outsourcing continues to be bad public policy.

County officials could certainly improve their management of the facility. According to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS), the private jail's bed capacity numbered 372 earlier this month. Yet, the number of prisoners incarcerated exceeded current space and reached a capacity level of 101.9%. Liberty County reported that 121 or nearl 32% of jail detainees were Federal prisoners.

You would think that if Liberty County officials were going to rent beds to other jurisdictions they would vigoursly manage the capacity and avoid jail overcrowding.


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