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Caldwell County Residents Defeat Proposed Emerald Immigrant Detention Center

And now for some good news... Via an email from a reader, the Austin American Statesman is reporting today that plans for a 1,000 bed immigrant Emerald Corrections detention center has been scrapped due to overwhelming opposition from local residents. According to the article:

About 150 people attended a public meeting about the project Dec. 27 in Lytton Springs, and at least 90 percent of them opposed the project, Caldwell County Precinct 4 Commissioner Joe Roland said.

"They were pretty forceful," he said of the residents.

On Dec. 10, Louisiana-based Emerald Correctional Management LLC, which manages three correctional facilities in Texas, pitched the idea of a $30 million, 1,000-bed facility to be built in northeastern Caldwell County to county commissioners.

Many of the residents were concerned about safety issues, but others raised important questions about the proposed prison's impact on water capacity and the ability of Emerald to staff the prison. A final vote at the January 12 Caldwell County Commissioners meeting will end the prison deal. We'll keep you updated...