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Additional Detainees at Hutto?

KLBJ has the story this morning that the Williamson County Commissioner's Court will be discussing converting a wing of the controversial T. Don Hutto detention center to house adult women immigrant detainees. From the story:

This morning, the Williamson County Commissioners will consider a proposal to create a new wing of the T Don Hutto Residential Center. The former prison in Taylor is used by Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) to detain immigrant families awaiting immigration or asylum hearings.

ICE is suggesting the about half of T Don Hutto be used to detain non-criminal females. Right now, about 250 men, women and children are being held at the former prison, which has the capacity to hold 500 people

T Don Hutto is run by Corrections Corporation of America via a contract with Williamson County, which in turn has a contract with ICE.

We'll keep you updated on what happens in Williamson County today, and keep covering the T. Don Hutto lock-up.

Update: Word from Williamson County is that the motion was passed by the Williamson County Commissioners Court.  Hutto will be home to 250 women without children when there is space for them.  We'll have more when the news stories about this come out.