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Hutto Anniversary Vigil Brings Out Large Crowd; Protesters Enter Prison to Deliver Toys

I was lucky enough to be involved in this Sunday's vigil at Correction Corporation of America's T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas. Of course, Hutto has gained infamy for being one of only two immigrant detention centers in the U.S. to hold immigrant families, including children as young as toddlers.

This month's vigil brought out a crowd, up to 150 by some counts, from Taylor and other parts of Williamson County. Attendees also came from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, and other parts of the state. The program was opened by the women of PODER, followed by speeches by numerous advocates including Taylor residents, a formerly detained asylum-grantee, LULAC national president Rosa Rosales, Jaime P. Martinez, founder of San Antonio's Cesar Chavez march who also serves as LULAC's national treasurer, Border Ambassador Jay Johnson-Castro, and Mustafaa Carroll of the Dallas Council on American Islamic Relations.

The programs was concluded with a moving candlelighting vigil lead by Rev. Jim Rigby from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in north Austin. Then, protesters walked into the prison to deliver hundreds of toys, books, and music players to the people detained inside. Greg Moses from the Texas Civil Rights Review has a great story at Counterpunch about the moving action.

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