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Correctional Concepts, Inc. Proposes "Faith-Based" Private Prison in Leonard, Texas

A non-profit private firm, Correctional Concepts, Inc. has proposed a "faith-based" private prison in Leonard, Texas in Fannin County. At a December 13th Leonard City Council meeting, no action was taken on the prison issue despite a large turn-out from opponents of the prison who had collected 400 signatures opposing the prison from around the town of 2,000. From the Leonard Graphic,

Leonard City Council members took no action on four agenda items concerning a faith-based prison that could be located in the community. A motion to withdraw from contract negotiations with Corrections Concepts Inc. by Steven Bolin died for lack of a second and two other items, one calling for a referendum in the May municipal election and one for calling for a public hearing died for lack of a motion

More than 70 people packed the Leonard City Council chambers Tuesday evening as the council took up discussion on the items relating to an agreement with Corrections Concepts Inc. and the construction of a faith-based prison in Leonard.

Of course, a faith-based prison raises constitutional questions that could limit the prisons ability to attract contracting clients. According to an article in The Herald News, Fannin County, along with another 8 Texas counties and communities, have already rejected CCI's offers to place a religious prison in their communities.

According to another article in the Leonard Graphic:

Dallas attorney John Sheedy, who represents the city of Leonard in the corrections concept, presented a short overview of the plan, but did not open the floor to questions from those attending the meeting.

Sheedy is clearly no neutral observer representing the county's best interest in this process, but rather a proponent of the prison project. And, frankly, his answers to questions about why other communities have been concerned about faith-based prisons are a bit loopy. From the Graphic article,

As to why Corrections Concepts Inc. has not been accepted in any other community, Sheedy said he believed in Satan. “He exists, he doesn’t (sic) this project to succeed,” he said. “He is doing everything he can to defeat this project and he is using good people with good intentions. Satan is much more powerful than anybody in this room, he will twist that person around where they think they are doing the right thing in fighting it.”

Well, if that doesn't inspire confidence in county's representation in the matter... We'll keep you updated on developments from Leonard, Texas.


Corrections Concepts, Inc., a Dallas based non-profit is working to get Wakita, Oklahoma to sponsor the building of a new private prison. The facility would be the first all Christian prison in the U.S. Volunteering inmates would be supervised by Christian guards, and staffers. In addition, the inmates would work at the facility in a prison industry under the federal PIECP program. However, Corrections Concepts intends to not abide by the PIECP mandatory requirements of paying inmate workers in the program prevailing wages - instead choosing to pay them federal minimum wages - for their labor.

This avoidance of paying prevailing wages was first presented by Corrections Concepts founder, Bill Robinson to Texas Governor Bush in 1995 when Bush's support was sought. Bush so liked the idea of combining faith-based community initiatives with prison industries for prison inmates, he authored Resolutions there in Texas making it easier for such initiative programs to get state tax dollars for their operations. Once in the White House, Bush brought the concept with him, establishing White House Offices of Faith-Based Community Initiative satellite offices in every Federal Department and Agency including the Department of Justice that oversees the PIECP program. Bush did this by Executive Orders within days of taking office in 2000.

PIECP-Violations opposes the building of such a "Christian" prison in Wakita, Oklahoma - not on religious grounds, rather due to the stated intention of not abiding by the federal PIECP requirements regarding the planned prison industries. Too many prison industries and their private sector partners are already taking advantage of this important program, by not paying prevailing wages to the inmate workers. This allows for more corporate and prison industry profits at the expense of the work force. In addition it provides these violators with an unfair advantage over private sector companies who manufacture the same or similar products on the open markets. The PIE Program allows prison industries to sell and distribute prisoner made goods upon the same markets as private sector manufacturers and to openly compete for private sector market shares for those products. The prison industries are already disadvantaging the private sector competitors by giving their "partners" leases of huge prison facilities for $1.00 a year, no health insurance, no workers unemployment premiums, no paid vacations or other perks the private sector competing companies must provide to their employees. This results in the loss of private sector jobs to those citizens in desperate need of keeping their jobs, by transferring those jobs behind prison fences and walls and giving them to inmates.

Currently - as stated elsewhere on this site - there is a serious lack of actual, effective oversight of PIECP operations nationwide. The Bureau of Justice Assistance has outsourced this oversight to a private non-profit "Association" - the National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA). There can be no real oversight or compliance with the PIE Program's rules and laws while an Association made up of the prison administrators, managers and vendors involved in the program oversee themselves. The NCIA is made up of just that - vendors to, administrators, managers and employees of the participating PIECP industries operated in each state.

The residents and citizens of Wakita, Oklahoma should review the PIECP Guidelines and ask pointed and specific questions of Corrections Concepts, Inc. about the proposed Prison Industry they plan on opening at the prison complex. These residents should know what the program is about and whether or not the prison industry will result in the loss of private sector jobs or unfairly compete with local Oklahoma Private Sector manufacturers of similar products. This must be done to protect Oklahoma jobs from disappearing behind the prison fences.

you're kidding right?  "loss of private sector jobs or unfairly compete with local Oklahoma Private Sector manufacturers of similar products. "  the reason wakita is accepting this encroachment on the local economy is because there is NO LOCAL ECONOMY.  at all.  i grew up there, the town is dying.  and personally i'm against the whole idea of even having such a huge industrial complex just a few miles from my parent's home, but i do not plan on returning to the area, so it is up to those who it will actually effect. 

trust me, wakita could care less if the prison is christian, or abiding by federal wage regulations.  they just the the job market to rise.  and personally, i think you'll be hard put to find anyone who can read the PIECP regs let alone understand them.

Hey, I just read an article recently about some town that built a prison and it has no prisoners.  Would it maybe make since to check into that already existing empty prison rather than building a new one?  I'm all for the concept just thought you might not be aware of that prison

Congratulations, this is avery exciting concept.  I host a Divine Mercy Cenacle weekly at an Oregon State Mens Prison.  These men are very receptive of learning thier faith, do their homework and look forward to class.  This prison also serve the last five years of a long prison sentence for crimes like rape, murder, child abuse, etc.., and it is the decision of the prison to advise the men not to tell us for what reason they are in prison.  And we are not to ask.  Besides they probably won't tell us the truth as they fear judgment and rejection.  I couold go on and on and I can't tell how good I feel every week when I leave the prison as I am encouraged by the mens responses; they are so hungry for truth.  If you have any questions I would love to share more with you.

I think this is a remarkable idea. The Spirit of the Lord brings life! When the inmates are there, I feel they will receive life and all they need to be released and do the right thing. I'll most assuredly keep this in my prayers. Blessing to you Bill!

Is there some wqay to get in contact with Bill Robinson. Email me please

I am currently in the process of pitching a Christian based prison for non-violent male offenders, and it is quite pleasing to learn that there are many supporters of this mission. I know that with the mighty power of God these individuals can be transformed into productive citizens, which in essence will assist America's stature and the nation as a whole. I have enjoyed reading this article, as well as the comments left by all of you impeccable individuals and may peace be with you all!

   God is of love and understanding. He leads us to him through tribulation and trial. Correction involves love and punishment involves revenge. So which do you believe our state and federal prison systems use?

   Most people weren't given the proper affection, attention, or foundation to live a good life in the eyes of the God or the law. And some end up seeking it through other means like drugs, sex, etc; addiction that without outside intervention, caused them to disobey the rules (law). Needless-to-say, people put in prison obviously had a hard time following the rules. Putting them all together in one building and expecting them to follow more rules is irresponsible to say the least. Then, to to top it off, after they've have been so called, "rehabilitated," they put them back out into a world of rules with the handicap of a criminal record, parole, with yet even more rules! How does this help anyone? They've just fed and nourished the same deep rooted issues of those inmates that got them convicted in the first place. Rejecting the rejected is not a policy I want to pay for with my tax dollars any longer. Their "system" does not work for 90% of those who are in prison.

   The only way to find true acceptance and parental guidance after childhood is through a devout life in Jesus Christ. He is our only salvation! He is our only "corrector!" He seeks out His lost sheep and rejoices when they are found. But they must seek Him as well. And if they find His Light in a Godless prison it will soon be darkened by its many iniquities!

   I am leaving a job I love because I ride 8 hours in a truck with Godless co-workers and it effected me negatively for hours afterwards! They see a good looking female, they say, "What up slut!" Not to the girl of course but out loud in the truck. EVERY GIRL! At least 20 times a day. The driver is constantly cussing at other drivers and is full of road rage. It even effected my parenting, therefor my family! Their sins would manifest its self in my heart and mind until I prayed to God, read scripture and partook of His nutritious Word. Only to be re-infected the following work day.

   I prayed this morning asking my Father, "ok Father I will seek another job, just tell me where you want me to go and work so that I may better serve and live in Your good Grace and  for Your purpose only." Minutes later I was thinking about my brother who is serving 40 years for dealing drugs (I know murders who served 9!). I know that this is God's way of bringing my brother closer to Him but how possible is it, or how long will it last, if he is found? Slim to none!! So I thought to myself they should have ALL Christian prison. Then I thought well is there already? And sure enough I see God is already at work in His children to make this happen!

Please Email me if I can help in anyway to make His Plan come to LIGHT!I will continue to follow His guidance in this matter as I have no doubt He sent me here today.

God Bless,

B. Christian


As part of God's plan, He wants us to be lights in a dark dismal

and dying world. When growing up, often we are not raised right. We think right is wrong and wrong is right. Unfortunately most men have not been raised to respect females.They try a few out and move on to the next. Females (feemales) come with a cost, they are not free (freemales) as some think. Correct your co-workers,  show them God's way of being a man and how to treat people. (kindness, love, respect, compassion). Men should be good leaders not cruel.