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Williamson County votes to end Hutto contract!!!

This morning, Williamson County voted to end its contract with CCA's Hutto detention center. Here's the story from the Statesman:

GEORGETOWN - Williamson County commissioners voted today to terminate their contract with the company that operates the controversial T. Don Hutto Residential Center in one year.

The 512-bed Taylor center is one of two in the country that detains children and families while they await outcomes of asylum petitions or deportation. It's operated by a private firm, Corrections Corp. of America.

Saying that the facility has become a liability for the county, commissioners voted to give notice to CCA that the county will end the contract within one year, effective today.

Protesters have decried what they say is the wrongful imprisonment of children at the center. But federal officials say the facility provides a humane way to keep families together while they are in immigration proceedings.

The county's contract with CCA, in which the county receives a fee for each person housed at the facility, had previously been set to expire Jan. 31, 2009.

We'll keep you updated with the details, but for now we're celebrating!

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