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Breaking News: Williamson County Tables Hutto Contract Termination

I just returned from the hearings of the Williamson County Commissioners Court hearings on the T. Don Hutto prison, and wanted to post a quick update.

The meeting started with public testimony from several CCA employees (CCA had bussed in dozens of employees from the prison) and executives, as well as local and statewide activists opposed to detention of children and their families (including myself).

The County Attorney then spoke briefly outlining that the county had received a letter from ICE which brought about the termination letter from last week. (I'm working on obtaining the letter from ICE.)

CCA's attorney then attempted to persuade the county that it would not be held liable in case of a lawsuit due to nuances in Texas case law, and CCA offered a $250,000 fund to defend the facility against lawsuits.

The County then moved to table all the points on the agenda dealing with T. Don Hutto, saying that it would revisit the subject in a few weeks. They are sending the issue back to the County Attorney, in an apparent attempt to reach a deal with CCA regarding liability which would keep the prison open.

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

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