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Premier Private Commissary Scandal Keeps Growing

In recent months we covered the scandal out of Bexar County that involved the Sheriff and his aide accepting gifts from the private firm based in Louisiana managing the commissary contract.

The Advocate and WBRZ news recently reported that Bexar County prosecutors say now-resigned Bexar County Sheriff Ralph Lopez and his long-time campaign manager John Reynolds received money and a golf and fishing trip to Costa Rica in exchange for awarding Premier Management the contract to run the county jail’s commissary.

Premier Management's owners, Louisiana brothers Michael and Pat LeBlanc, also own LCS Corrections, a private prison firm that operates several private jails in Louisiana and Texas.

Grits for Breakfast also covered recent reports in the San Antonio Express News that the scandal extends to Kleberg and Nueces counties where Premier staff cultivated relationships with elected officials in order to reap the benefits of privatized county jail commissary contracts and private detention centers developed by LCS Corrections.

According to Grits, the Texas Rangers are investigating the details of these relationships. We will continue to monitor this scandal as events unfold. Our previous coverage can be found below:

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