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"Hutto still flawed" Explains Local Activist

The Taylor Daily Press has published a guest editorial from Jose Orta, who has been actively involved in the campaign to close down Correction Corporation of America's Hutto lockup:

Since I learned that T. Don Hutto had reopened and was imprisoning innocent children for profit, I, and many other concerned citizens from across the state and nation tried to bring media and public attention to T. Don Hutto by conducting vigils, marching, protesting and lobbying.

For over nine months, we did everything conceivable to bring attention to this flawed facility. It has been an exhaustive and extremely trying time. Read more...

As Bob has previously pointed out, many observers are noting that the settlement is a good first step, but not an adequate solution to the problems of Hutto.

Orta mentions the next vigil at Hutto will be this Saturday at 11 AM. Read more about it here.

There is also online talk of another possible "walk" against Hutto, scheduled for October. Read about it at Progressive Austin.

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