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What's Not Happening at GEO Group's Val Verde Jail

State health authorities issued a statement in response to rumors related to the deaths of two prisoners from GEO Group's Val Verde lockup. This seems to be in response to an inquiry from the Del Rio New Herald about the numerous contacts they have received.

The state is saying that the deaths are not a tuberculosis outbreak and not from assaults by staff. They have also said that no staff are ill with similar symptoms. But no word yet on what has caused the two prisoner deaths and what can prevent other prisoner deaths.

Val Verde just received a favorable review from Idaho Department of Correction director Brent Reinke after his visit there. Idaho is choosing Val Verde over the Dickens lockup that has attracted so much negative attention lately. According to Idaho's Spokesman-Review:

Fifty-six Idaho inmates still remain in the Dickens County Correctional Facility in Spur, Texas, where Idaho inmate Scot Noble Payne committed suicide in March. Reinke said the state hopes to move them all shortly to another private Texas prison operated by the same firm, the GEO Group, in Del Rio, Texas. He said GEO plans to sever its relationship with the Dickens County lockup in December.

That's right: Idaho DOC will sever their relationship with that particular lockup, but as one Idaho blogger points out, GEO Group is in pretty good shape because the Governor has said that if Idaho welcomes more private prisons inside its borders, it will work with companies that already have contracts with Idaho DOC.

So what else is not happening? Any real loss of business for GEO Group.

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