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More Protests at CCA’s Houston Processing Center

A group of Houston activists calling themselves Houston Sin Fronteras has posted a story and pictures of another protest at CCA’s Houston Processing Center, an immigrant detention center which was the nation’s first private prison. KHOU also covered the protest.

This month’s protest was the third this summer. The first, in June, included an act of civil disobedience in which two activists locked themselves to the facility's gates. While a Houston grand jury refused to indict the protestors on felony charges, they are still facing misdemeanor charges, and several thousand dollars in legal fees are still outstanding.

Contact Houston Sin Fronteras through their myspace page to make a donation to the legal defense fund.

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I am o so frustrated with this facility as well as all the other ones!! This kind of treatment among humans is the lowest our country can be doing to these people ok so what everyone commits mistakes and who are we the Americans to judge ones fate NO ONE so why are these so called POLICE ICE and what not doing so?..And we call this land AMERICA yea in what right mind!!..Im just so fed up of the way things are handled in those matters ok so what big deal if they are immigrants im damn sure that 99% of the workers there have families that are illegal and what not!!..