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Idaho Prisoners Also Being Transferred to GEO’s Bill Clayton Unit

As our reader Don points out and the Idaho DOC website confirms (PDF only), many of the Idaho prisoners being transferred from GEO’s troubled Dickens Unit have been moved to GEO’s Bill Clayton Unit in Littlefield, Texas.

We've already reported that 56 of the prisoners will transferred to the scandal-ridden Val Verde Detention Center in Del Rio, Texas. That lockup has already been racked by lawsuits over racial discrimination and sexual assault and neglect.

The remaining inmates have been transferred to the Bill Clayton Unit. Bill Clayton has had its share of problems as well. In 2006, a disturbance involving 39 Wyoming prisoners lead to the use of OC spray, a facility lock-down, and treatment of prisoners and staff with first aid. In 2004, when the facility was operated by CSC (later bought out by GEO Group), two guards were among four people arrested for assisting in an inmate break-out.

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