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While GEO Scandals Continue, Executives Continue to Get Rich

While GEO Group continues to have major operational problems at many of its Texas prisons, its executives continue to cash in.

The AP reports that Wayne Calabrese, GEO’s President and Chief Operating Officer, has exercised options on 30,000 of the company’s shares, bringing in nearly $800,000. According to, company founder and CEO George Zoley hauls in nearly $3.7 million in annual compensation.

The recent headlines for the GEO Group have not been good. An Idaho inmate’s suicide at the GEO’s Dicken’s facility led the AP to report on the prison's “squalid conditions.” Idaho has since announced plans to move its inmates to another prison.

The AP expose came just days after GEO made headlines in San Antonio after an inmate took hostages in GEO’s lock-up there using a paper gun, and a month after GEO drew fire in Laredo over a deal to build a 1,500 bed USMS contracted prison there.

Will the scandals, shoddy conditions, and inadequate care lead the GEO Group to reconsider its executives’ exorbitant salaries? In the world of for-profit prisons, I’ll put my money on "no."

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