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Protest and Prayers at Raymondville "Tent City"

A quick addition to Bob's earlier post about the protests of Hutto. South Texas has also seen another private prison protest recently. The Christian Peacemaker Team Borderlands Witnesses visited the Raymondville ICE Detention Center last week, for a vigil and prayers that were observed by some of the Raymondville guards and a handful of prisoners.

Attorney Jodi Goodwin, who has been providing legal assistance to people detained there, commented on their blog:

The conditions at Raymondville have not changed, at least according to my clients....The transparency that might have existed before in the days when we gave legal rights presentations in the dorms, has been veiled by the US government. Now, no one gets in, not even the UN inspectors. Tell me, what do you have to hide, government?

Again, I can not thank you enough for the prayers for those detained in Raymondville. Trust me, they all know you were there!!!

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It's just mind boggeling that the Government is not effecient enough to manage their own facilities.