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Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Houston CCA Protesters; More Protests Planned

As we reported here, two Houston activists were arrested last month for civil disobedience outside CCA’s Houston Processing Center in protest of Correction Corportaion of America's ongoing detention of immigrant families at the T. Don Hutto detention center.

In a move that defense attorney Randall Kallinen called a “fear factor to keep them from protesting,” the District Attorney’s office charged the two activists with felony possession of a criminal instrument. The criminal instruments in use? Bike locks used to lock the protesters to the detention center gates.

A Houston grand jury yesterday refused to indict the two activists on the felony charges. Misdemeanor charges are still pending, and a legal fund has been set up to help to offset the activists' legal costs.

Houston Indymedia also reports that Houston Sin Fronteras, the group that initiated the June protest, is planning another protest tomorrow, July 4th at 8am, in front of the CCA Houston Processing Center.

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