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CCA Detention Center Protests, Problems Continue

Two protests of Corrections Corporation of America and the T. Don Hutto detention center occurred this past weekend as problems continue at several CCA detention centers around the state.

I attended a Friday protest outside CCA’s Austin office which drew over 50 people from Austin, San Antonio, Taylor, and Houston despite rain and a flash flood warning. The protest focused on CCA’s profiteering from the expansion of immigrant detention facilities, including the T. Don Hutto family detention center in Taylor, Texas. Demonstrators delivered a letter to the CCA office to air grievances.

The protest was followed by a larger vigil on Saturday outside the Hutto detention center in Taylor. This weekend’s protests come on the heels of last month’s large protests at Hutto and as problems continue to mount at CCA detention centers in Texas.

Last week, a Wisconsin man charged that he was abused while detained at two CCA Laredo detention centers. According to Tomas Contreras, a 40-year legal resident of the U.S. who was detained after an 18 year-old minor drug conviction appeared on his record as he was re-entering the country, he and several other men were beaten after reporting poor treatment at the facilities.

On Sunday, CCA got more bad news in Laredo as one of its employees was arrested for possession of over 1,000 pounds of marijuana and several assault rifles.

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