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Is the Government Rethinking Hutto Prison in Light of Lawsuits and Bad Publicity?

The US House has proposed funding more immigration detention options that are less like a prison and specifically noted that children should not be in jail-like settings. reports:

The $36.3 billion House Homeland Security spending bill would increase spending for immigrant detention alternatives to about $55 million.

The measure directs ICE to give families priority in alternatives to detention programs that use electronic monitoring, telephone call-ins and supervision to ensure people show up for detention hearings. The Intensive Supervision Appearance Program recently reported 93 percent appearance rate at court hearings, the House spending bill says.

The committee says in the bill that families with children should not be housed in jail-like settings, denied access to recreation or basic education instruction. (emphasis added)

This call to move children out of prison-like detention may be in light of the protests, lawsuits and bad publicity that the Hutto prison, run by Corrections Corporation of America, is amassing. The Texas Observer reports that the lawyers representing the Hutto families have filed 10 new complaints, since the government has released most of the people originally involved in the lawsuits.

The Hutto families' case goes to trial in August.

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