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Another Hutto Protester Arrested, Free the Children Publishes Protest Footage

A protester arrested in Austin joins the growing number of people drawing attention to the plight of families locked up in the T. Don Hutto prison. The protest at the state capitol was partly a response to an anti-immigration gathering that was already there, as reported by the Daily Texan.

The article's passing reference to criticism of Hutto says, "Some civil rights groups have claimed that the conditions at the Hutto facility are inhumane and unconstitutional." The article didn't give much context for the Hutto protesters, although the Daily Texan has covered Hutto more completely in the past (for example, this fairly comprehensive article from April about the lawsuit filed by the Hutto families).

For more context on Hutto, turn to the Houston Chronicle. They just ran an excellent piece about the growing number of folks calling for an end to the imprisonment of children at the private prison. After all, what reasonable person wants to throw kids in a prison while you determine their immigration status? Of course, even if we shut down Hutto, Corrections Corporation of America is likely to just re-open the prison as a prison for adults, since there's so much money to be made --- the Daily Texan reported in February that CCA was pulling in $95 per person per day locked up in Hutto.

Many people find profiting off of incarcerated children just plain wrong -- like Free the Children. They've posted a great video compilation of protest photos. It might inspire you to turn out for the protest there this Saturday, which will hopefully be even bigger than the protest that drew over 100 people to Hutto earlier this month. We'll be posting more about this protest later this week.

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