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Scandal Prompts Warden to Resign from Private Prison

Grits for Breakfast recently posted on the departure of Warden Ron Alford from the Dickens County Correctional Center (DCCC). News reports stated that Alford resigned amid complaints from Idaho prisoners housed there and after an Idaho prisoner committed suicide at the private prison.

Corrections officials reported finding problems with access to treatment programs, poor lighting, inadequate out-of-cell time and food, clothing and cleanliness. DCCC is run by the GEO Group.

This is not the first time that Idaho has removed its prisoners from a GEO run facility in Texas. In July of 2006, the Beaumont Enterprise reported that the Idaho Department of Corrections was planning to transfer 419 prisoners following allegations of prisoner mistreatment, prisoner protests and an escape from a private prison in Newton. Idaho Department of Correction agreed to transport 419 of their inmates out of the Southeast Texas prison and into yet another GEO Group-managed facility.

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