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Hutto Prison Troubles Continue To Gain Notice Even as They Reject UN Expert

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is facing increasing criticism about the problems inside the T. Don Hutto prison. The website "Texas Civil Rights Review" has compiled a detailed list of problems with conditions at the T. Don Hutto prison for immigrant families. They're all the types of problems one would expect when a corporation is running a prison for profit: inadequate medical care, inappropriate levels of security, a lack of appropriate legal materials and programming. And of course, additional problems that come with keeping 200 children in a prison while you determine their immigration status: lack of appropriate schooling, supervision, and nutrition.

T. Don Hutto Prison in TaylorvilleT. Don Hutto Prison in Taylorville -- this older image shows the razor wire they took down earlier this year Maybe CCA has improved conditions since some of these problems were dcoumented, but it's hard to say since Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) won't let in Jorge Bustamante, a U.N. expert on protecting migrants from abuse, and they won't let the local media in either (this report includes some video footage shot outside the prison during the protest outside Hutto on Monday).


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