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Houston-based Cornell Corrections Involved in Corruption Cases in Alaska

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Alaska lobbyist Bill Bobrick has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit extortion, bribery and money laundering in the service of a "private corrections company" unnamed in the court documents. But an Anchorage Daily News article speculates that the unnamed private prison company is Cornell Companies Inc, based in Houston and already running six halfway houses in Alaska. According to the article, Cornell has faced a slew of rejections for expanding their business in Alaska:

Cornell, along with partners Veco and Allvest founder Bill Weimer, failed in recent years to win public support for private prison proposals in Anchorage, Delta Junction, Kenai and Whittier. It also failed to win state approval for a juvenile psychiatric treatment center in downtown Anchorage.

A lobbyist for the prison company -- who was working as a government informant and who has not been identified in court papers -- paid a total of $24,000 to Bobrick's Pacific Publishing, according to court documents. Bobrick turned over $10,828 to Anderson and kept the rest, the documents say. Anderson later complained he wasn't getting enough and was paid another $2,000 by the government informant, according to the indictment against him. The informant matches the description of Frank Prewitt, a former state corrections commissioner who went to work for Cornell.

The case is part of a widening corruption probe --- Bobrick is the seventh person charged as part of the investigation. Former representative Tom Anderson has been indicted and his case is going to trial in June. Bobrick will not be sentenced until after he cooperates in the prosecution's case against former representative Anderson. No word yet on how this case might affect Cornell's future business prospects in Alaska.

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I was an inmate at halfway house in Fairbanks AK

And witnessed AK DOC employees (Superintendent Fairbanks Cor. Ctr. And Probation officers and Jail kitchen Mgr.) having weekly meetings behind closed doors, being served meals, (food bought by facility, but not same food given to residence) and later, jail kitchen mgr. Taking over the pantry/food ordering for the halfway house. +++++++++more.

Not to mention the halfway house (with knowledge the knowledge of probation officers) putting resedence, to work on AK rail road work details other wise done by union R/R employees, for community service, and embezzled money from same.


I'm very interested in pursuing this story.  I assume the 1/2 way house of which you're speaking is at Ester. 

Is there some way I can contact you?  Can you tell me the period in which you were in the halfway house?




Cornell was hooked up with a nest of thieves in Alaska, notably Bill Weimar, Bill Allen and their associate Frank Prewitt.  Prewitt turned state's evidence and his old boss Weimar, to whom he threw a lot of previous business when he ran the state prison system, did six months. Weimar is presently in jail in Sarasota, Florida on charges of sodomizing a 6-year-old girl.

Prewitt testified in the Tom Anderson trial that he laundered campaign contributions for Cornell VP Marv Weibe.

Six legislators were eventually convicted of corruption.  Allen and his VP for his VECO Corporation were released from federal prison to a halfway house this year. Anderson was recently released from prison as well.



I find this very interesting.  I was an inmate at the facility in CA and we were always complaining about the food we were served, however when ever the state or any visitors came the spread they received was amazing.  There were also times when they ate with us and that is when we ate real food.  Usually we were served turkey pellets and most of the time we had to fix meals from out canteen purchases because the food was horrible.  The kitchen manager was a thief.  When we finally got a cook that care about what was served, she left, must to our dismay.

My son is a current resident at the Reid Facilty in Houston Texas. He has resided there for months now. I started noticing some changes in his behavior in my visits as time has went on. I received phone call from him today with a message from his parole officer.

Mom, I was asked to call you and tell you my parole officer said you need to pay my Po fees or they are going to send me back to TDC. Mind you his case worker was sitting behind and i could here his voice so i know my son was telling the truth. I was so upset, I just couldn't believe that they will go to any extreme to set these parolees for failure. Has hasn't been allowed to leave the facilty except to go see his mental doctor( required) and a few times for job hunting. He is not allowed to lave most of the time "They state they have no more bus passes" But the state pays for his transpoertation as well as his medical care which he has been refused. He has sores all over him and now he is bleeding all over from it.

I also know that they feed them the pellet food fro rations. He has lost a sinificant amount of weight since he has been there and is on the verge of malnutrition.